Let's Map Sidewalks


Let's help complete Accessmap.io by adding sidewalks, stairs, crosswalk and curb cuts on UW Campus in Seattle. No experience require, just a laptop computer or smartphone app like GoMap!! for iOS users.

Like last time we will focus on mapping all of the sidewalk features on campus. Some can head outdoors to gather data while others will work off aerial imagery.

We plan to work on the sidewalk import with data from the City of Seattle as well. If you would like to learn JOSM, this is just the meeting to attend. If you want to learn JOSM, please install JOSM prior to the meeting. Instructions can be found at https://josm.openstreetmap.de/

As you travel to the Meetup, make a note of stairs, benches, curb cuts to add to the map. Personally I like to keep my cell phone camera handy to take pictures to remind me of what I saw. Others like to jot it down on paper.

We now have a location. See you there