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When you become a member of Opera NOVA your civic support keeps the passion for opera in the Northern Virginia Community alive. Together we can save accessible, affordable, and glorious music from America’s Cultural Heritage performed by outstanding talented musicians right here in your own backyard. Opera NOVA’s roots go back to 1962, when the founders recognized a cultural void in Arlington. They solved this by creating the Opera Theatre of Northern Virginia. The frenzied pace and heightened tone of news in 2017 has worked to obscure the timeless and restorative parts of our culture, opera included. Let’s resolve to hang on to the classical expressions of culture that come from the heart and soul of the community. Every new member strengthens Opera NOVA’s determination to include in our audiences not only young students, but our seniors, families, children of military personnel (active and retired), children of Inmates, Arm & Arm, Dreamers, Baby Boomers, and Millennials and those who have had little if any cultural opportunities.

In recent years arts education budgets have dwindled, our citizenry demographics have changed, our senior community has expanded and as such, many new opportunities and needs have presented themselves. Opera NOVA works assiduously to fill these gaps and needs through professional productions of high quality performances that are not only enjoyable but also highly educational and life transforming. We believe that the arts can build, define, and serve a community and are seeking ways to continue our valuable and necessary service.

Opera NOVA offers at least one opera production in the spring of each year, Several comfortable concert productions, a developing Listening Club, and a great opportunity to engage with a welcoming community. Opera NOVA productions are always affordable and all are welcome. Seniors are specially invited!

Opera is a complete art form which marries music, singing, drama, poetry, and dance ….a story told through the expressive beauty of words and music. Our practice of reaching out to families, students from churches, community centers, organizations and schools in South Arlington (home to most who suffer below the “achievement gap”) is significant because we defy marginalizing these people, welcome them into civic engagement, and respect them as eligible for full membership into all that Arlington has to offer.

Please join us as we Celebrate the Opera NOVA production of Rossini’s La Cenerentola (Cinderella). WHEN: June 29, 2018 @ 2 PM

WHERE: Gunston Middle School Theater I
2700 South Lang Street
Arlington, VA 22202

COST: $5.00 for Seniors/ Assistants.Free
General Public $8; children $4 Opera NOVA Member $5


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