Logstash-Elasticsearch-Kibana Workshop

This is a past event

50 people went


Logs and system events are WIDELY underused. They can provide mindful insight into a system or a business's behavior.

The "elastic-trio" (just invented it now) has become one of the most talked about method (tools?) to quickly bring "your logs" to "your attention" and analyze them so that you can make sense of what's going on when you're not looking :)

We'll go through the principals of logging (the why, and how), to writing logstash filters, configuring elasticsearch schemas to fit our demands and then to Kibana (configuration, querying and dashboard creation).

Mind you, this ISN'T about the tools themselves. It's about how to practically "use" logs and events.
We're only using the trio to demonstrate.

Vagrantfiles will be supplied.