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This is an Oracle Meetup group with following topics. Presentations and discussions will be geared towards data scientists, IoT enthusiasts, makers, product managers, system integrators and entrepreneurs. Presenters will include industry experts, Oracle leaders and IoT customers.

Meetup topics include (not limited to):
- Internet of Things
- Artificial Intelligence
- Machine Learning
- Digital Twin
- Digital Thread
- Data Science
- Big Data Analytics
- Java/Python Development
- Descriptive / Diagnostic / Predictive / Prescriptive analytics

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Machine Vision based IoT Deployments and Scalable Messaging with MQTT

Oracle Building 4 Santa Clara Offices

We will have two 20 minute talk in this meetup. Speakers include CEO & Co-Founder of dc-square (https://www.dc-square.de/en/) Christian Götz and Oracle VP of IoT and Big Data applications Supreet Oberoi. Talk 1 Title: Scalable IoT Messaging with MQTT Abstract: MQTT is the most popular IoT protocol for connecting devices at scale and a modern alternative for lightweigth backend (microservice) communication. This session covers everything you need to know about scalable pub/sub communication with MQTT for up to millions of devices and shows the available software options in the (open source) ecosystem. We also address the brand new features of MQTT 5 as well as advanced microservice integration topics. Speaker Bio: Christian Götz is CEO & co-founder at dc-square, the company has recently been named one of the "most innovative companies in IoT” and is enabling customers in industries like automotive, consumer goods and entertainment to connect millions of IoT devices reliable, fast and secure with their product HiveMQ. Christian is a frequent writer and speaker at regional and international events sharing his experience from 100+ IoT production deployments. He is passionate about reading, running and realizing innovative IoT solutions for companies, which impact our future. Talk 2 Title: Machine vision based Industrial IoT Deployments Abstract: In this talk, we will share our understanding of how to use Computer Vision (CV) in monitoring of industrial assets and processes. We extended our Oracle IoT applications to integrate with smart cameras such as ones from FLIR and started providing catch-all monitoring for workplace safety, pipeline monitoring, among other use cases. In addition, we integrated Matroid, which provides a no-code experience to develop and evaluate deep learning models for object recognition. With our integration with Matroid, we started providing real-time and rich analytics based on people and other object monitoring. We implemented various approaches to recognize objects in given images, convert analog meters to digital devices, count products on a factory floor or position robots based on visual feedback. Some of the approaches included building our own models with OpenCV and Tensor Flow libraries. Others involved integrating with third-party tools such as Matroid. We will conclude with an evaluation of their strengths and limitations we found with each approach. Speaker Bio: Supreet currently serves as the VP of IoT and Big Data Applications at Oracle, where he is responsible for field engineering, developing partnerships and reference architectures. Prior to this, at American Express, Supreet developed the Hadoop platform from infancy, creating a platform for data asset management, implementing several use cases around recommendation, fraud, and compliance. Prior to American Express, as Vice President of Engineering for RTI, Supreet developed real-time middleware for helping create IoT systems-of-systems . He is also the Lead Mentor for startX, a Stanford start-up accelerator. Supreet holds MS in Computer Sciences from Stanford University and BS with Highest Honors from University of Texas at Austin.

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Lessons Learned From Enterprise IoT Deployments

Oracle Building 4 Santa Clara Offices

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