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Amazing and Brilliant Minds... That is what our children have. Children on the spectrum have awesome abilities and gifts that are often overlooked and ignored. We are standing as a body of people on the spectrum or related to people/ children on the spectrum, believing that amazing and brilliant capabilities are more of a focus than the "disability" label so many put on us. Many would say it is a question of weather the glass is half empty or half full, but we say the glass is completely filled with potential and hope. Our challenge is to discover an atmosphere for support, encouragement and friendship- something so little of us receive.

This Meetup is based on creating friendships and a social community between ourselves, and to provide an environment of edification and encouragement for our children on the spectrum. Children who find it difficult to form friendships in the school systems are finding natural and strong bonds with one another.

If your child is having a hard time making friends, I would encourage you to join this group.

If you are a parent who is weary from the battle of protecting your child from the bullying and harassment, I would encourage you to join this group.

And if you want to stand up for recognizing the gifts and abilities in your child instead of their weaknesses, I would encourage you to Join this group.

All children/families on the spectrum or with other abilities that can be challenging are welcome (with or without an official diagnosis) you have found the right group. Welcome!

Note: We also welcome professionals who work with individuals with a variety of abilities. However, I will not support or allow those who try to push or sell products or treatments that are not research proven to be effective, from unbiased sources.

Events will be posted throughout Southern California, including Orange County, Los Angeles County, and the Inland Empire areas.

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