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The purpose of our SoCal Paintball group is to unite people who want to play pure paintball. No drama is allowed. No wiping or bad attitude. Each event may be different from the last. Just fun and good times with great people.


We make sure teams are balanced, as it's all about fair play. Anybody who is positive about life and loves paintball should join. If you are new, then play with us so you don't burn out. If you are experienced, this is a great place to test your skills and improve them while making new friends along the way.

If you have never tried paintball before, then our private group events are guaranteed as the most friendly and affordable way to experience this sport. If you are cool, then don't be surprised when our members offer to loan you extra equipment during your first day. Just ask.

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Jungle Island Paintball Park

MAG-FED Only Paintball Game at Hollywood Sports

Hollywood Sports Paintball Park

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