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After Effects Abuser Group - Pushing Pixels Beyond . . .


A Fun FX Speculation Game


See if your movie works before spending effort, time, and money

We have been having fun sharpening our powers of observation by collaborating in the brainstorming process with like-minded individuals. As a group we see more and generate more ideas than any of us do separately.

This month we will see if we can "Stump The Pros" with new FX from Zach King, and present one of our own, along with the How To, of course.

Have your own vine or a short FX clip to show? Or find one that may inspire or stump the group? Share the link or bring it on a Flash drive.

“Jailbreaking” your iPhone to make 30 second Vines? Here’s a link to:
the best - No-jailbreak-required. (

STORYBOARDING with T. Syndergaard

Storyboards illustrate and crystallize what should or should not be in the story, why it's there, making it easier to answer the fundamental question: does this further the intent of the plot? It's like a first run at your movie and allows fixing things that aren't apparent from just the words on paper. It's the cheapest way to visualize every scene.

Think you can't draw? Bad drawings and stick figures still help uncover weak areas of your story.We all start with quick "bad" drawings to see what works without investing too much time in fruitless labor. You can always fine tune, redo, shade and color to your heart's content later.

Bad drawings are sometimes better than good - you can be distracted by a gorgeous drawing and fail to see the plot hole. Just get the idea down, the plan of action, make notes below or in the margin of the script - anything to help visualize the final product

This month we will review software such as “Storyboard Quick” that can create your visualizations without you having to draw anything.,

From "Let's get real. We work and play in a visual medium where even scripts and storyboards strive for a certain look. Whether you're a writer, director or producer, if it doesn't look right, it lowers your chances of getting seen."

MOVIE TRIVIA QUIZ - just for fun

We’ll throw out questions about great movies we’ve all seen, Can you name the movie the special effect is from? The persistent rumor of First Prize - a new Porsche is unsubstantiated.

This meeting is the last before the big RAFFLE in June where we give away a year's subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.(Must attend one meeting in person prior to that, so if you haven't attended this year, this is your last chance to get eligible.)

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Here is the Connect link for those who cannot attend in person:

The Digital Video / After Effects Abuser Group has presentations on video editing and special effects software, including, but not limited to, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe After Effects. Terry Syndergaard is the Manager, Bonnie Erdrich, co-manager. Meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month. The fee for non-OCMMA members is $10, or $5 for students.

Visit ( for more information.