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After Effects Abuser Group - Pushing Pixels Beyond . . .

After Effects 3D Camera - part II: Make Heads Turn with
Displacement Maps, also 3D Gotchas & Solutions

DV-After Effects Abuser Group - Tuesday March 26

This meeting will also be an Adobe Connect session. Here is the URL for tonight

• Last month we showed you how to make your still images come to life by creating layers in Photoshop, and using 3D camera moves in After Effects.

• This month an exciting new twist: Terry Syndergaard is going to add to those effects by making a 2D face or cartoon character turn its head in After Effects by utilizing a grayscale depth map (displacement map) created in Photoshop.

• There is one "Gotcha" in 3D camera moves on still photos -a person or object can look like they're sliding along the ground. Terry will show how to anchor them in place, adding realism to the scene.

• Bonnie Erdrich, Co-Manager, is excited to share a glimpse into the future of storytelling on a tablet - a graphic novel with 3D images that seem to pop up from the surface. This is both amazing and intriguing. Is this real or trickery? We will look forward to your input.

Also: an exciting preview of an upcoming meeting.- turning a plain 2D surf photo into a dramatic slow-mo movie for a show opener or TV series title. This holds tremendous promise for incredible effects you can use in to your own projects.

The Digital Video / After Effects Abuser Group has presentations on video editing and special effects software, including, but not limited to, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe After Effects. Terry Syndergaard is the Manager, Bonnie Erdrich, co-manager. Meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month. The fee for non-OCMMA members is $10, or $5 for students.

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