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Let's get together and discuss insights about MBTI -and maybe a little Enneagram, too! Bring your questions about personality, your interest of the MBTI functions, and your ideas! If you're hungry, Tender Greens has a full menu, as well as an array of beverages (coffee, tea, kombucha, juice, etc.; they also have their own line of sodas). Parking can be somewhat limited at times, but there are a number of 4-hour parking spots in the lots surrounding the restaurant. One such area is in front of the movie theater, which is next door to Tender Greens. If you're new to MBTI and the Enneagram, and would like to test to see what your type might be, here are two sites you could try: MBTI: Enneagram: You can also check out the socionics chart at and let us know what you think!

Tender Greens (across from Veggie Grill)

4237 Campus Drive · Irvine, CA


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    Interested in Jung's MBTI? :)

    What's your type? With that interest as our common foundation, let's all hang out! We'll generally just have fun, but at the same time incorporate aspects of the MBTI typology in helping us on our individual paths to self-growth, with the added bonus of a social network of friends/support.

    Activities such as bowling, karaoke, movies, or simply a night-out are perfect; but anyone interested in discussing more about personality theory in depth is welcome to create such a meetup.

    Hope you decide to become a member! We're here to make friends of all kinds.

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    You can do either! Test 1 is more comprehensive, but you'll need an e-mail to do it. I recommend the first, however.

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