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Looking for a group of folks who want to start out doing some local over landing and exploring the local areas (I myself am partial to old gold mines, ghost towns and "all roading" this means that although my Tacoma is a little beefed up, We are not going to attempt anything too hard on everyday drivers.

So we can add a little hiking in to our trips. Our rigs get us close and GPS, Compasses and Topo maps get us the rest of the way there. I want to ensure trips are geared so everyone who wants to get some off highway fun in without having to invest in a heavily modified 4WD. Goal is to have fun on a stress free trail. Easy on the driver and easy on our rigs.

All brand of rigs are welcome. Trucks and SUVs. True 4x4s are what would be acceptable. All wheel drive cars do not have enough ground clearance for a lot of the trails. Rigs are to be properly maintained with good tires, preferably off road type. A good spare, belts and hoses in good shape according to your owners manual. New or inexperienced drivers are encouraged to first ride with an experienced driver and learn the basics before taking their own rig on a trip.

Some driver clinics are envisioned but to be scheduled after the winter rains and snow clear out.

Each rig to be equipped with a tow strap, working jack, tire plug repair kit and preferable a FSR radio or hand held ham or CB. Air compressor to be made available by leader or the trip. We will publish a full list of what a really well equipped rig typically carries in near future.

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