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Join this group if you are Pregnant and want to receive conscious and well balanced support throughout your pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum! This meet up group is designed to provide pregnancy and childbirth support through the means of childbirth education classes, pre/post doula services, prenatal and postpartum breastfeeding support.

Services provided through this Meetup Group:

Hypnobabies 6-Week Childbirth Education Series (Private Classes available)

Angela is passionate about assisting pregnant women in strengthening their minds and bodies in preparation for “parentbirth” then childbirth. Hypnobabies 6-Week Childbirth Education Classes are for pregnant women and expectant couples who want to experience a calmer, more peaceful and easier birth. This 6 week complete childbirth education course has been designed to support pregnant women and their partners in developing greater trust in the pregnancy and childbirth process.

Birth Doula Services

Doula is a Greek word that means, woman in service to other women. A doula is a woman who provides emotional, physical and spiritual support to women during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.

Angela reminds women of the Innate Intelligent Power that already exists within them. She masterfully guides each woman throughout her pregnancy so that she taps into this innate power in preparation for childbirth and motherhood. She loves being a Doula, teacher and student of birth and living. Angela is passionate about educating and opening the minds and hearts of women and men as they prepare to be first time, conscious and extraordinary parents!


Yolanda believes that breastfeeding is a natural, instinct-driven, and learned experience. Just like babies are driven to crawl…then stand…then walk, the Mama-Baby breastfeeding dance is driven by instincts, but Mama and Baby must trust that they will learn how to do it! When pregnant women are asked their views on breastfeeding, they usually give one of two types of responses. One Mama-to-be wants desperately to breastfeed, but feels fearful or anxious about “failure”. The other Mama-to-be has thought very little about breastfeeding, and just knows she wants to “try” to do it. As a lactation consultant and breastfeeding educator, Yolanda is concerned about both of these women, because mentally they are both expecting a negative breastfeeding experience. She wants all women who desire to breastfeed to expect a positive experience! The key to success for both of these women is the same. Education and support! Prenatally, Yolanda teaches the What, When, Why and How of Breastfeeding in a concise 2-hour class, creating a foundation for understanding breastfeeding and approaching it with positive realistic expectations. Postpartum, to see you and your new baby through the days of “learning” to breastfeed, she offers private in-home breastfeeding support and access to her services 24-hours a day. In a perfect world, every woman would have access to breastfeeding support from birth through weaning...so as lactation consultant, Yolanda believes the least she can offer is that for any mother who reaches out for help.

Postpartum Doula Services

The special time after your baby arrives is a Gift; you can miss out if you don't take time to treasure those moments. As a postpartum doula, Yolanda's primary goal is to provide you with the time and comfort to narrow your focus to your new Baby, while she takes care of things on the periphery that can distract from your growth as a new parent at that time. Every family is unique, so Yolanda customizes the care plan for your needs. You may need assistance with postpartum comfort/recovery, rest, emotional support, or have questions about newborn care such as feeding, diapering, soothing techniques, sleep, bathing, etc. She can assist with basic household chores, errands, and meal planning/prep, keeping your dietary preferences in mind. While some new parents seek postpartum doula support when extended family is far away, others seek postpartum doula support to calm or reduce distraction from family and visitors during those early days with baby. Yolanda's special contribution? She is a board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC). So if breastfeeding help is needed day or night, you would have an in-house breastfeeding expert at your service for immediate support. Yolanda offers flexibility when new or unexpected things arise. So even if you are not sure what your needs will be, that’s ok. Her goal is to make your transition to parenthood easier.

Thank you for joining the group!

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