Orange County Qigong Life Force Energy Program


Single Session Outline

· Warm up: Stretching

· Empty force Qigong: Developing energy in all major centers of the body

· Cloud hands: Strengthening heart and lungs

· Earth hands: Strengthening reproductive system

· Around the world: Strengthening heart and digestive systems

· Push hands: Increasing the ability to project Qi (energy) outside

· Group circle: Sharing healing / Collective energy / Meditation

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About Adil

Adil is a certified Qigong instructor, massage therapist, and owner and operator of The
Healing Arts Touch massage establishment in Lake Forest, CA. His involvement in the healing arts goes back decades when, as a young man, he became interested in disease prevention as well as natural methods and processes of health maintenance. Throughout his life and
after years of healing arts practices and experiences, he came to deeply and firmly believe life can be enhanced and extended if you learn selfhealing techniques. Qigong is an ancient selfhealing practice from young adults to the elder can participate and become proficient.

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