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Hello and welcome to Orange County Small Business Marketing Connection! Our group exists to help entrepreneurs, start-ups, and owners and CEOs of small to mid-sized businesses improve their marketing results by learning and deployment of the most effective marketing tactics suitable to their business models. We emphasize the intersection of branding and content marketing (your website, blogs, social media platforms etc.) and share the latest, proven tactics and strategies in both on-line and traditional marketing worlds. Orange County Small Business Marketing Connection is led by Don Osborne.

Don Osborne is Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Concordia University’s Graduate School of Business in Irvine, Calif. He teaches MBA students advanced concepts in marketing strategy, marketing communications and digital marketing. Don earned his MBA at Pepperdine University in 1991.

Don owns his own consulting company and currently works with medium-sized businesses on how to design, implement and optimize their online marketing and sales funnels.

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