[Partner Event] Workshop: How Freelancers, Consultants & Experts Make More Money


Hey everyone. I am cross promoting this high caliber event and speaker. There is a cost so please RSVP at the Eventbrite link below. There are only a few spots left. Sorry for the late notice.


Sonya has also agreed to be a guest speaker at our next Meetup and graciously agreed to only ask for donations. Stay tuned.

Learn how to make money like a boss in your creative business!


Are you a freelancer, designer, digital expert that wants to run a successful gig (or get a job) without feeling like an impostor and earn the respect of your clients and peers?
This workshop is made possible by our sponsors and supporters:
EvoNexus - Southern California's most successful startup technology incubator
Business Empathy - A consulting agency helping visionary leaders build better products & businesses
Do you want to command top dollar, position yourself as an authority, earn the respect of your peers and learn how to do business without feeling gross?

Maybe you're a photographer, UX/UI designer, developer, freelancer, videographer, creative director, production artist, illustrator... and maybe even spiritual?

If so, this workshop will teach you everything so you can become more confident in attracting more clients and making more money!

When making the decision to pivot from my full time job to my design agency 10 years ago, I desperately wanted a formula on how to get more 'big name' clients. Not knowing how to get clients was one of the biggest complaints I'd hear (and continue to hear!) from my clients and freelancer friends. Even from those with lots of experience and amazing portfolios!

And I'm going to be 100% honest with you - I didn't know what I was doing back then, so I tried a lot of things and made a lot of mistakes.

I think this problem is more common than you know. There IS a reason.... One that is largely out of our control...

I've learned a lot about entrepreneurship in my past 10 years having worked with some of the biggest brands like AT&T, Disney, Warner Bros, Cisco and even the Olympics! And I'm going to share what I learned with you in this workshop... and how I use my spiritual side to magnetically attract opportunities.

​Hi... I'm Sonya Lee.

I'm a tech entrepreneur, design agency owner, non-profit founder and board member of several startup & creative organizations. As a minority female, I've spent years studying and trying-out what the great entrepreneurs do. I made it my goal to figure out how things work in life & business. And while I did, I was and experiencing the same information overload (+ups and downs) that you are!

All the fancy words, methods and concepts are awesome and eye-opening. But eventually it jumbles together and our ability to be productive and take action (with confidence!) seems to slip away.

Sometimes, I found that my clients and I would lose track of what we were good at. Sometimes, I'd lose track of myself and would have to practice mindfulness. When that happens, you end up not doing anything. And you feel stuck and desperate. And then nobody wants to pay you anymore.

And frankly, you just wish there was an easy way to figure out how it all connects, for you.

So in this workshop, all I want to show you how to connect all the dots in a SIMPLE, SYSTEMIZED way that will make your business grow and succeed.

Business Empathy

Sonya Lee is the Founder of Business Empathy. Sonya is a Fortune 100 Business Consultant and Tech Founder turned Transformative Coach, Energy Healer, Spirituality & Business Expert. She works with entrepreneurs, executives and business leaders find alignment in their personal and professional life so that they can have clarity, live a purposeful life that will change the world for a business place.

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