UX Speed Networking: Mentor Match


Can you think back into your life to someone who you admire? Perhaps this is someone who is very successful in their career, their family life, or even socially? It is very likely that this person had a mentor.

A good mentor will help you stay accountable to your goals, they will help you pay attention and stay on track. When you get frustrated and want to give up they understand the problems because they have been there themselves and can provide insight on how to solve the problems that you are facing.

Mentors are invaluable for so many reasons, but essential for providing knowledge, motivation, advice and counsel, encouragement when you need it most, help with personal development and so much more. If you are lucky enough to find a mentor who can be all of these things to you, you will have an advantage over many others, because you have a secret weapon that can take you to the top!

THE PROGRAM: OCUX brings you Mentor Match at our next UX Speed Networking event. During this event three senior level tech mentors will meet and choose two mentees apiece to develop a relationship with and help the mentees with their goals and aspirations.

THE PROCESS: If you are interested in being considered to be a mentee bring your business card or resume and hand one off to all three of your potential mentors during the event on Wednesday, Nov. 13. They will pick from the business cards and resumes they receive that night.


Matt De Sio
Matt focuses on blue and white collar user experiences and has worked directly with some of the world's largest companies specializing in solutions that scale for international audiences. He has led teams of UXers, BAs, and developers.

Juan Gallardo
Juan is a Frontend Software Engineer passionate about designing and building pleasant interfaces for users. His background includes hybrid roles within UX and marketing teams at places like The Creative Group and UCI.

Swapna Kulkarni - Iyer
Swapna is an experienced User Researcher/ Design Strategist. Her main area of focus is designing holistic customer/ Service experiences for sustainable growth. She provides Product Strategy consulting to core Engineering startups at Braid Theory.

Marga Tokar
Marga is a user experience designer with extensive professional experience including Discovery, UX Strategy, User Research, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Iterative Prototyping and Usability Testing.

We are hosting a small-scale event using a mock speed dating format that allows you to quickly make connections with mentors and friends.

Here's how it will work:

Meet at the venue and socialize. Check in with Eleanor and Shanaya. Shraddha will introduce the three mentors participating.

You'll be given a set of questions and paired off with someone you don't know including the mentors, then be given 10 mins to learn as much about each other as possible. When you are seated in front of the mentors give them your business card or resume if you would like them to consider you to be their mentee. You'll have 6 rounds to meet others.

More socializing and continued conversation

You'll be added to the OCUX Slack channel to connect with your new peers!

This is a 21 and over, no-host event. You will be responsible for your own food and drink.

***Waitlist will be enforced!! Please update your RSVPs as the date draws closer so people who actually want to go can go! Thank you!!***

!!!UPDATE OCT 31, 2019: Just a reminder that this is an event that is highly dependent on the EVEN number of players participating. Which means, if you do show up, please plan on staying the whole time. Leaving early can mess up the game for others. If you do have to leave, please let one of the organizers know so we can adjust the game. !!!