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Orange County User Experience
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Irvine Ranch Water District - Community Meeting Room

15500 Sand Canyon Ave · Irvine, CA

How to find us

15500 Sand Canyon Ave, Irvine, CA 92618 (IRWD Community Meeting Room - far left side of building, left of the clinic - see my map link)

Location image of event venue


UX Portfolio Review and Design Project time again. At this Meetup, pending any special guest speakers, we will give first dibs to those who want to present something: a UX portfolio or project, a startup (at any stage), a tech, coding or web project, etc. Sell yours skills to stir up some side business or just get some valuable feedback on your project to get it moving forward, maybe something to add to your UX portfolio.

The second half of the Meetup will be a UX design process iteration of the current Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station mobile app design project. By the time we get through this UX Design Series we will have completely gone through the entire UX Design Process. Jump in any time but monthly continuity is super important. Learn something new or contribute to the project and show off your UX, Dev or Biz Dev skills and maybe stir up some freelance work if desired. The possibilities are endless! No prior UX Experience Needed! Spread the word.

I am also looking for TA's (Teaching Assistants) to help with the Meetup and design project. Again, something great to add to your resume.

• Add this as a portfolio project, add UX artifacts or resume items, get professional references.
• Learn the entire UX Design Process, sharpen and practice with individual UX skills, UX team experience.
• UX and Dev recognition, get your name on a published app if we can get a Dev to code it.
• Practice group presenting and public speaking. Not a requirement but plenty of opportunity to practice in this safe no-pressure environment.

• UX Portfolio, Startup or other project presentations
• Intro to UX Design - for Newbies
• UX Design Project
• Q&A
• Networking

If you are new to this location please use this map link or you will get lost. Google maps does not help you find the front doors.
The IRWD Community Meeting Room addr is 15500 Sand Canyon Ave., Irvine. Here is the map link.

IRWD Community Meeting Room Map https://bit.ly/ocddirwd1

Feel free to bring your dinner or snacks. Come early to grab a table spot. Full kitchen with frig and microwave available if needed.

Check out our past Meetups for more details. Hope to see you there. Let me know if you have any questions. Best to PM me on Meetup and/or find me on LinkedIn.

p.s. I also teach on humanism, philosophy, critical thinking, and social justice issues among other things. Just ask.

Rhett, UX Consultant

Twitter: rekuiux