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Aug 8, 2012


A freelance User-Experience (UX) Design consultant committed to improving the end-user interface experience. I teach UX and am open to UX Expert Reviews for mobile apps, websites, software, hardware, and Startups. Find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

How did you become interested in UX?

Years of frustration working in IT : ) I have over 20 years of experience evaluating the usability of software, apps and websites. I have witnessed the shifts and trends in software evolution and have listened to and experienced the frustrations of end-users. With this knowledge I can help guide the software design process to achieve the best possible user-friendly product. I believe the concept of User-Friendly has been lost over the years, creating a huge gap between programmers/designers and end-users. I can help fill the gap with my user-interface best practice criteria list which I compiled based on the hundreds of apps, software, and websites with which I have interacted. Not surprisingly, very few software programs meet these criteria. I am often horrified by the needless complexity of software, apps or website navigation from a user interface perspective. I have skill and insight on how to improve and simplify these software programs.