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    Senior UX Designer @ FireEye
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    Hi! I'm Shraddha and am a UX professional in the Orange County area. I am also on the board of the OCUX meetup group and would like to know what type of activities and speakers the members would like to see. Let us know!
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    A freelance User-Experience (UX) Design consultant committed to improving the end-user interface experience. I teach UX and am open to UX Expert Reviews for mobile apps, websites, software, hardware, and Startups. Find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.
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    I've been in web design and product management since 1996.
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    Sometimes you're not sure if it's going to work, because it didn't follow all the methodology, all the science in the books, all those numbers. Yet it's similar enough, it might work. And in this case it did. - Steve Wozniak