What we're about

The group is open to women in leadership roles from all walks of life - entrepreneurs, CEOs, professionals in your own or other’s business, and entrepreneurial-minded corporate leaders.

This group is your opportunity to remember to step away from your computer, cubicle and the 4 walls of your business. A safe, supportive space to tap into your body’s wisdom. Clarify what matters most to you for breakthrough business success, sustainability and soul satisfying living.

In today’s busy world we have more ways to connect then ever and yet, we are still disconnected, isolated and alone in business and our day to day lives. All the clutter, noise and distraction get in the way of staying present to our truth and what we really want. This makes it so easy to loose our way. Following ill fitting business models, formulas and hustling to be seen, known and get more social media likes. Chasing the wrong things, being perpetually busy and putting self care and our personal desires on the back burner are just a few of the chronic self sabotaging patterns plaguing modern day women in business . No wonder so many us of find ourselves feeling like somethings missing and wondering how did I get here. Only to realize that the way we built our business and have been achieving success is no longer desirable and definitely not sustainable. We’re bored, unfulfilled, losing those loving feelings for our work and going through the motions in our life. Spending more time in our head than our heart and body is draining and often leads to breakdown and burnout in business, a team, our body, relationships and life.

The freedom we crave can become elusive as our success marker continually moves, leaving us unsatisfied and never fully happy or content with where we are and all that we’ve achieved.

Can you relate?

If this resonates for you I have a few truths to remind you of ...

1. You are more than your mind

2. Your body must be integrated in your business, daily activities and decision making for sustainability & to feel alive + happy.

3. Hustle Hurts

4. Self Reliance is over-rated

About Michelle Conboy-Henry (Work-Life Catalyst)

I learned the hard way that what we crave as women is really a feeling, a quality of life and an internal experience. After my own experience of being admitted to the ER and being all alone because of I was being so independent and resourceful, I quickly realized pursuing that next level of success wasn’t what mattered most to me. I was disconnected from my desires and my body forced me to slow down and redefine success. I’d like to help you avoid this. Continuing to pursue achievement, accolades and ‘manifesting’ the next big thing, didn’t fulfill me, or any of my clients, and likely won’t fulfill you either. This is why I created Dance Party for Women in Business. A space to connect and be in community with other like-minded women committed to co-create and cultivate a New Way of Being in Business, Leading & Living life.

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