OPT - Players Choice Satellite ($1,100 Worth in Events)

Location image of event venue


Re Entry if you bust in the first 6 levels of play you will receive a full starting stack of chips. So bring an extra buy in just in case you take one of those KK vs AA beats early.

We will be using Big Blind Ante. Structure is below.


This is a Players Choice Satellite. We will award $1,100 (if prize pool allows) and winning players may choose to play whatever event or events they want until the $1,100 is used up. This may include but not limited to Canadian and United States Tournaments like WPT500 Montreal, WPT Fallsview, Niagara Series of Poker, WPT DeepStacks, WSOP, WSOPc, etc.

Rules for this tournament; The usual rules that we have been following for all Orangeville Poker Tour Events in addition to the following;

1. a) You will have to December 2020 to use up the $1,100 to play in whatever events you want.

b) You need to contact OPT (Steve) with the event you are playing and the date of the event.

2. a) This is an equity tournament. Any winnings (only that after 30% tax is taken if playing in a US Event) will be divided amongst the players that were in that particular satellite tournament. 85% to the winning player and the remaining 15% divided evenly amongst the players from that satellite tourney.

b) Equity will be adjusted if the money used to buy in does not equal the buy in for that event.

c) For example, you may take the $1,100 and play the WPT Fallsview $2500 event in February and the equity will be adjusted as you will be putting in $1400 of your own money, or go to the WPT Montreal and play multiple days of the WPT500 event to use up the $1,100.

3. All players will sign a contract at the beginning of the satellite tourney in attendance agreeing to these terms.

4. Once registered for the Event, you must take a picture of your receipt/seat assignment and send it to OPT.

Tournament starts at 7:00pm, doors open at 6:30pm

Starting Chips: 15,000

Buy-In: $120 ($110 to prize pool + $10 to help cover costs)

Re Entry: $110 +$10 Unlimited for the first 6 levels, must be done as soon as you bust. You may surrender your stack at the end of level 6, you may use the Re Entry option to bump your stack to 15,000, and then also use the Add On option after that.

Add On (optional): $100 (all to the prize pool) - any player regardless of stack size may choose to add on an addition 10,000 in chips at the start of the first break. (must be done at start of first break)

Structure: https://www.meetup.com/OrangevillePokerTour/pages/25679654/OPT_Satellite_Structure_with_Big_Blind_Ante/

Usually a 1-2 no limit cash game starts once enough players are eliminated from the Tournament

As Always this is BYOB, I will supply some snacks and some pop.