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Developing "Smart Cities" is going to be a very complex process, combining rapidly advancing technologies, social and cultural norms, politics, economic thinking and evolution, with start-ups and established players across a diverse array of fields and industries. I am looking to bring together the people with the right blend of skills that would be motivated to form the orchestrating platform, its leadership and management structure for a more people oriented, bottom up approach to developing the "Smart City". My expertise is in Strategic Business Ecosystems, with an emphasis on collaborative cross functional team building. Our meetings will be strategy driven, and oriented to formulating the high performance team and teams that can develop the necessary structures and processes, the technologies involved, and the collaboration needed to grow this advanced form of business . What we'll learn and develop in our process will be intended to scale and transfer into other cities as we grow. Our intention is to develop and grow the kind of 21st century organisation that, when history looks back, will have had a significant and transformational impact on the quality of life in our cities. Our holistic approach our platform will bring together citizens, the public and private sectors together to imagineer the new business models necessary for co-creating a seamless bland of social integration and distribution and technological advancements. If you are highly motivated by the prospects of being part of building an advanced social/business organisation that will have a significant and positive influence on the quality of our future, this might very well be the right kind of venture to fully express the fullest of your abilities.

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