Needs a location


Estacada area hike on the back of Mt. Hood... There's an area on the back side of mount hood accessed from the Estacada area that I've been heading to for years for mushroom hunting. I think Tumala Mountain (formerly known as Squaw Mountain) is very close to where I'm referring to but never done the hike. Even the forest roads in the area are gorgeous enough to hike on but finding the trail would be even better. I'm going to find the specific trail in the morning as I can't seem to think straight tonight. I've had a few of you contact me and say you'd like something relatively quick as you have other things going on, so this should fit the bill. For this one, I'd like to meet at Beavercreek Elementary school, parking lot on Steiner Road (across from the cow field). We'll take Upper Highland Road from there out to the Estacada area.