What we're about

For those who have been listening to (or reading) Jordan B. Peterson, this group is for you. We are a group for people on the Oregon Coast south of Lincoln City area who are interested in psychology, self-improvement, intellectual discussion and are trying to learn to live with the chaos of life. We are a group for followers of Dr Peterson and have been helped by what he does. We want to meet with other like-minded individuals and consumers of Jordan Peterson's work to discuss and share their experiences.

This group meets to discuss, listen, and read the works of Dr. Jordan Peterson. We will incorporate and study his book 12 Rules for Life, Podcasts, and Tour Lectures. This Meet Up is for amiable folks looking to meet fellow Peterson enthusiasts, expand their knowledge, and clean up their rooms!

The culture we want to create is a free and open discussion where everyone is welcome to contribute to the conversation so long as we treat each other with common decency and keep an open mind to learning.

We are committed to practicing these few principles when we meet to help create a safe and caring environment for everyone to open up and share ideas.

1. We keep confidentiality. People entrust their stories to us, so we don’t share them outside the group.

2. No cross talk. We practice listening to one another.

3. We demonstrate respect for each other and regard each member as a person of value.

4. We are to be responsible in managing our boundaries. People have a right not to be touched without their permission and to feel safe within the group interactions.

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