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Hello, herb lovers! My name is Nicole Telkes, I am a practicing herbalist and devoted plant walker. I started this group to connect folks to live, in person herbal education opportunities in your area. Some of these classes may be free, some sliding scale, and some cost money. Every season, if they are classes of mine, I will donate a % of profits to a different environmental/social/health justice organizations in the area. I teach classes and on many different subjects, run a herbal practice and apothecary, and am involved with community building efforts. This meetup is yet another way to access herbal education opportunities that may interest you, and you are welcome to contact me if you think your event may fit here. My goal is to have a herbalist in every home! I founded The Wildflower Herb School in 2003 in Austin, and am now living in Portland. I focus on connecting to bioregional herbs by learning the useful weeds, folk traditions, and holistic medicine practices from our elders. At the same time as teaching philosophical concepts related to Vitalism, I make sure to include a modern approach by incorporating biochemistry, clinical trials and case studies. This meetup will be deeply rooted to our long tradition of herbal healing in North America and using fresh local plants as medicine at the same time as being conscious stewards of our gardens and wildlands. This is Herbal Medicine for the people by the people, Nicholas Culpeper would be proud......

My Website is www.nicoletelkes.com

Subjects may include:

Upcoming Herb Nerd Social Events

Materia Medica of Local, Bioregional Plants

Plant Identification Skills

Traditional Healing Classes

Outdoor Skills, reconnecting with nature

Plant Properties and Preparations

Clinical Skills--CEs are available for LMTs

This site's purpose is to continue to build a strong herbal community through events, spotlight different classes I, and some others lead in the area, and be a social network hub for herbalism in our area. Herb lovers and herbalists of all types should join. You can find out more about me at http://about.me/herbcrafter

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