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Having a human life is rare; It's like choosing one speck of sand from the trillions of grains on the beach and saying you will know what it is to exist. You will be selfaware, and you will have the uniqueness of language.

With the sibling rivalries, controversies between co-workers, hating our boss, bitter disagreements with, and dissapiontments from our parents, our friends, etc.... We miss this piont.

Happiness, anger, love, hate, compasion, jealousy, forgivness, vengfulness, etc... can all be experienced in the context of Joy.

So what is Joy. You can have joy by making room for all of this to happen. To be willing to be with and experience the ups and downs of life. Life is a roller coaster, and is never a striaght line. Going through, and working with our emotions (ironically) is the only way to get past them. Unfortunately, we (human beings) hardly ever do that. Instead, we eat too much, we drink too much, we never have enough sex, we watch too much TV, we take drugs, we smoke, we neglect our responsibilities, we pretend it's not happening, etc... anything to get away from our socalled negative emotions.

Joy is not having to avoid our feelings, or people, or places. Joy is being able to embrace life with all its complexities. Until we learn to do this, life will continuously shrink us, and as we age, it will only get worse. We get locked into our patterns of avoidance.

This group is designed to help realize the path of Joy which is the ultimate key to enlightenment.

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