What we're about

Hi hi all,

This is a meetup group I create to generate awareness on Organic Lifestyle :)

I am a person who deeply believe that

if we do not start adopting Organic Lifestyle now, in years to come,

we all will either be severely intoxicated,

fighting for clean food/water/air sources or

starved to death due to lacking of real food....

Organic Movement is a long process,

which requires a lot of education and

a conducive environment to support the transition.

Hence, it's hoped that Organic Wellness Meetup Group

could serve as a platform for learning and practicing organic lifestyle

while having fun and warm peer support!

On a monthly basis,

I intend to organise a myriad of activities

from organic potluck to organic cooking workshop

from organic dine-out to organic wellness tours ^^

Please join us :D

Well regards,

Kee Yew

Past events (23)

Organic Durian Buffet @ Song Yan Resort :D

Song Yan 松岩

Titi Eco Farm Visit

Titi Eco Farm

Organic Tropical Fruits + Durian Feast

Titi Eco Farm

Titi Eco Farm Visit

Titi Eco Farm

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