What we're about

This is the Meetup for Meetup organizers. Being a part of this community will teach you how to find your people and elevate your experiences. We know that growing a great Meetup requires care and attention, and we’re here to learn from each other.

As a member of this Meetup group, you’ll connect with other Meetup organizers for discussions about how we all operate our own Meetup groups - and share tips & tricks for success.

When you join this Meetup group, you’ll have the opportunity to elevate the community you’re building by learning and sharing your knowledge with the broader Kansas City Meetup community. This Meetup is powered by local volunteers who are passionate about creating more human connections.

Everyone who joins the group will automatically be given Event Organizer status and is welcome to schedule Meetups.

• Use your real first name in your profile. This is a real-life in-person community. Don't hide your identity
• Use a real photo of yourself on your profile – a clear photo that shows a close-up shot of your face from the front with no sunglasses or obstructions, and you are the only person in the photo
• If you mark yourself GOING, then no-show for a Meetup, you will be removed from the group. Every member of this group is also a Meetup organizer - we expect more from our members. Honoring your RSVP is respectful to the event's organizer and other members of the group
• If you schedule a Meetup, it must be relevant to the purpose of this group - connecting with other Meetup organizers to discuss operating Meetup groups
• If you schedule a Meetup, you cannot cancel it, no matter what. If you have an emergency, reach out to another attendee and ask them to facilitate the Meetup

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Breakfast, Coffee & Meetup Conversation

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Coffee & Meetup Conversation

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How do you get people to show up?

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