What we're about

The purpose of the group is to study the timeless metaphysical wisdoms as preserved in ancient scriptures.

The format of meetings will include the reading of a passage(s) followed by loosely directed open discussion in which members are encouraged to share their related ideas, stories, and questions. You are also encouraged to let us know what some of your favorite wisdom teachings/texts are.

If you are interested in the philosophies of eastern texts such as the Tao Te Ching, Book of Five Rings, Teachings of the Buddha, or the deeper meaning behind more familiar scriptures such as the Bible (questions such such as: why are the "meek" so blessed anyways?), then we welcome you to join in on the conversation!

Our meetings will each focus on a different excerpt each week, reading it together, sharing some of the traditional interpretations, as well as sharing our own ideas and insights in an open conversation.

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