Where do the best ideas come from? Find out at next week's workshop

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“And then, unbidden, seemingly out of nowhere, a thought or image arrives. Some will float into your head like goldfish, lovely, bright, orange, and weightless, and you follow them like a child at an aquarium that was thought to be without fish. Others will step of the shadows like Boo Radley and make you catch your breath or take a step backward. They're often so rich, these unbidden thoughts, and so clear that they feel indelible. But I say write them all down anyway.” Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life


Dear writers

Looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday when we will discuss ways of brainstorming writing ideas.

Nowadays we start the workshop with a few media clips with writers talking about writing. Last week we heard from David Mamet on building plots. This week we want to focus on finding good topics to write about with help from the team at WritingExcuses.com. They are a bunch of writers who just like to talk about writing and they produce a regular fifteen minute discussion covering many subjects. So we will hear from them and then, afterwards share all of our own thoughts and experiences.

On a more sombre note, we remember ​Nahid Mazumder, who recently passed away from liver cancer. Fellow OWG Colinda Letour has written a poignant obituary which I have posted on our website at https://www.originalwritersgroup.co.uk/nahid-mazumder-obituary.html

With best wishes,

From Rupert and the OWG team


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