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Connect with other like minded searchers around the country for this Healing and Fellowship teleconference call!

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Your unique opportunity to fully understand and experience the Real You.

If you have ever felt "there is more to life", you are in the right place at the right time! Without time to yourself to experience and utilize the inner sensitivity you came with, it can feel overwhelming when it comes to the decisions that are right and good for you. You may have hunches, feelings, impressions or inner knowing that you ignore. Each of us came with a purpose, a plan, something we are looking to perfect this lifetime.

Why find out what you came to do? It will simplify your ability to make better decisions on profession, communication with others and provide a greater since of inner and outer security in all that you endeavor.

Each of us has Angels that feed us inspiration 24/7. When we disregard these, we want to kick ourselves because the outcome was exactly what you knew would happen. Taking responsibility for your life is fun. This group's intention is to provide the fundamental steps to accomplish this and to create a spiritual community that is a watering hole for all members.

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