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April 4, 2019

I am the 4th organizer of this meetup.

I joined October 2017 because I am a STEM person. I am surprised how few Middle, HS, and College educators, lack verve to step up and preserve a well-intentioned organization professing STEM enrichment pursuits.

I am STEM self-educated. My forte is utility of machine technology to construct and analyze two central force mechanical energy curves, gravity and nuclear.

I began this pursuit (2000) with Wolfram Mathmatica, polished results with dynamics of both fields using GeoGebra, along the way i picked up a perpetual teacher license from Texas Instruments, worked methods using SAGE, and currently checking out parametric geometry constructions of mechanical energy using Maple Software.

If we are to grow 21st century STEM horizons with 21st century students, we need do so with a few computer algebra codes, some free and some not.

Some educators may have picked up my claim unifying a dichotomy of Classic and Quantum Philosophies, combining two central force fields. I’ve done it!

I’m about a new paradigm (educator parlance for learning curve), target pedagogy (age of students), 6th-12th grades. I will change primary and secondary education from the current boring malaise into a fun concoction of Thermodynamics, Physics, Chemistry, and Math using computer based parametric geometry.

STEAM also welcome. STEAM artistic licence/liberty found within the liberal arts won’t work here. We’ll start out stuck in the 20th century education box with little wiggle room.

I’m an outa’ the box thought master though. Having escaped ‘in the box’ imagination confinement after many hours of research and preparation for abstract presentations at Math Association of America (4), JMM (Math Association of America and American Mathematical Society annual schmooze (4), and Wolfram Technology Conference (4).

I will be on health sabatical for two mos, Suggestions and co-organizer activity welcome.

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