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Dark Blood Moon

Gathering at 7:30pm

Ritual by Nyt at 8pm


The Ancient Crone

I am the Cailleach, Goddess of Winter, Mother of Mountains, Ageless Lady of Dark Places, Ancient Crone of Wisdom, the Winter brings the Spring and in death I am endlessly renewed.

Join us ,this Dark Moon Esbat, as we turn inward and journey back with Cailleach,to lives long lost to the mists of our psyche.

(There were two slender spears of battle
upon the other side of the carlin
her face was blue-black, of the lustre of coal,
And her bone tufted tooth was like rusted bone.

In her head was one deep pool-like eye
Swifter than a star in winter
Upon her head gnarled brushwood
like the clawed old wood of the aspen root).

(from Campbell: The Yellow Muilearteach, in Popular Tales of the West Highlands Vol 3.)

Note: This Dark Moon approaches Samhain and please be aware that past life regression meditations can be intense and emotional events. Owing to the timing of the ritual and the intensity of it's content we recommend that pre-ritual preparation of meditation and grounding be done.

The Dark Moon, which is associated with the Crone, Dark Mother, appears in the sky the last three days of the lunar cycle. It can not be seen by the human eye, however it presides until the beginning of the new 28 day Lunar cycle, with the New Moon (the first sliver of moon seen in the sky).

It is often referred to as the "Dead Moon", however the Dark Moon does not necessarily represent death. It is a time for life- enriching endings, as a prelude to new beginnings.

When the Dark Moon appears, it becomes easier for us to shed unnecessary emotion baggage and free us off people or ideas that no longer serve us or add value to our lives. This is the time to cleanse areas of ourselves and create space so that something new can enter. This is also a time for rest and introspection and replenishment of energy. Powerful, healing dreams have been known to take place during the dark moon, and you may discover that it is during the dark moon that you are most driven to meditate, explore your intuitive abilities, retrieve past life memories, or delve more deeply into your psyche.

In Keeping with the wishes of the host, we ask that all cellphones are shut off during the entirety of the ritual. Cameras and other recording devices are not allowed during the ritual. Thank you!

Lunar phase on 4 October 2013 Friday is Dark Moon.
The moon is in zodiac sign Libra ( .

Libra wants beauty, peace and social grace at any cost- often to the detriment of herself. Libra wants to put it off for another day or better yet pretend it's not there.

This dark moon can be quite intense- building up to an even more intense, yet powerfully transformative new moon. There is a need to look at what needs to be released. Something needs to die so something new can be born. Old karmic circumstances, attitudes, beliefs, relationships, situations; they can all be let go of over the next few days, if we take the initiative to do the work now! Most people stay stuck in their karma because they keep waiting for it to be easy to deal with it. It's never going to be easy. You have to work for your spiritual growth. You have to show the Universe you are ready to step up.

During the next few days there can be a lot of opportunity to see if you really are ready to step up! But if you are and if you do the work now- the new moon on Monday can be a powerful new beginning in your life- a new chapter in the story of your evolution.

Enjoy the dark of the moon...