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New Years Eve Celebration with the Sublime Elms

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New Years Eve Celebration with the

Sublime Elms & OPC!!!


Gathering at 8 p.m.


Presented by Lankelly

Come we to the Fire and Well

A spell to weave by word and hand.

We stand in power, by the Three

By Sea and Sky and by the Land.


The Druid Uncrossing Ritual is a practical magickal rite which calls for the elements of the spell to be shaped and directed by the Druid’s will. We will come to the Fire and Well to make ourselves clean, to banish all affliction, to turn aside every ill, and to overcome all that stands between us and the blessing of the Gods. Let our paths be open before us and all obstructions fall away. What a wonderful way to start our new calendar year!

Join us for a joyous celebration as we bid 2013 a fond farewell & ring in the New Year !

There will be fireworks, drumming, and dancing around our fire circle!

Great company, food and a champagne toast!

Bring your drums, tambourines, maracas, any instruments or noise makers you like! This is a great time to let your hair down and enjoy our time together!

Our Feast is Potluck!!!

So, if you partake in the feast…..

Please bring something to share or a $$$ donation.

Your food item should be able to feed at least a eight people.

Pagan Prayer to the God Janus

(for whom January is named)

God of Beginnings, accept this offering,

sweet-smelling incense to make you glad.

Bless me on the beginning of this year,

and bless my beginnings throughout the year.


God of the threshold,

who opens up to a new year;

god of doors,

who opens on to a new time;

Janus, who looks both ways,

I pour out this wine to you

and ask you to look behind and ahead

and guide me through the year that begins today.


A New Year is born from you;

praise, blessings, and honor are due for this gift!

Hear my words, you who give birth to everything.

A newly born year takes its place among your wonders,

one more thing for which you might rightly be praised.

Attendance includes members from several other groups of Central Florida.

Merry Meet to All!!!

The Circle of the Sublime Elm is the fastest growing & most active Pagan Group in Florida!!!

This Circle of the Sublime Elm will strive to be a group of open-minded & free spirits.

Please check out and join to see many

more social gatherings & events at:

May all the Blessing of this

New Year be Yours!