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Fundamentals of Witchcraft II; Building on the Foundations of the 'Craft

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Fundamental's of Witchcraft II

with Nytmyst

We are a study group based course of education,introspection, meditation and development of your magickal and psychic abilities. Learn to feel and understand your own personal power.

January 7, 2014


18 week course of Study meeting weekly on Monday evening's at 8pm, January - April.

Pre-Requisite: Fundamental's of Witchcraft or Approval of the Instructor (Please contact the Instructor if you have any questions pending pre-requisite work for this class.)

This class is a continuation of the Fundamental's of Witchcraft Class. Our focus will include;

•Manifesting the sacred in the outer world through ritual and spell work

•Honoring Divinity


•Creating Elemental Gateways,

•Casting Magick circles,

•Finding and Empowering tools

•Herb and Stonecraft

•Magickal Correspondence


•Lunar, Astrological Timing

The work done here , will help to build the strong foundation of your own magickal temple. This work is also the equivalent to second degree.

The only requirement for this class is access to a copy of Christopher Penczak's The Outer Temple of Witchcraft.

Classes meet weekly on Tuedays , with an online discussion group available. There is no charge for the class, however a textbook, (or access to the textbook) is required. Homework will be assigned to promote your growth and knowledge base.

This class is offered freely through a community education effort, The Well of Arcane Wisdom & the Orlando Pagan Collective.

(Note: This class is about the basics and foundation of witchcraft, while we utilize Penczack as a text, we are not teaching or initiating into his tradition. Penczack does lay out the ability to do so, should you wish it. What is offered, is facilitation of Initiation - should you wish it. Into YOUR own personal path. In truth, this should come before all other paths.)


About the teacher:

Nyt is a practicing witch of more than twenty years. She is degeed in the Jolian Tradtion (Celtic Eclectic/1734/ Gardnarian) and Draconian (Welsh Celtic/ Wysardan). She is founder and High Priestess of The Wild Blackthorn, as well as co-Founder and High Priestess of the Circle of the Dragon's Crystal Unfolding Tradition. She currently teaches both traditions. She also has studied Asatru, and majored in classical education studies of Humanities & Philosphy with a minor in Mythology.

Nyt is very passionate about growth of your own individual path and attuning with nature and the Divine through sacred ritual. She is an accomplished ritualist writing, leading and participating in more than one hundred rituals in groups spanning sizes from small private circles to large festival work.

Nyt is very active in the pagan community. She teaches extensively through out the community both publically and privately. She is the Organizer of the Well of Arcane Knowledge and President of the Orlando Pagan Collective.

Currently she is working on her first book.

You can find out more about on her facebook page:

or via her blog:

Oak Broom and Meadow Sweet

A Witches journey through magick and mysticism! (