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Wild Blackthorn Question and Answer Session

The Wild Blackthorn is a Tradition and Coven, established in the Orlando, Florida and forming in the Danbury, Connecticut ; based upon the Jolean Tradition which was originally founded in 1981, Los Angeles, CA by Lady Teara Wolfrose,

We are Witches committed to alchemy of self, development of divine/natural connections, evolvement of our magickal practices and the sharing of our knowledge and work with our spiritual communities.

​We are both a Tradition of solitary and coven based teachings.

​Our Tradition (Grove) is comprised of Seekers through Dedicates . The Outer Court (Grove) of the Wild Blackthorn follows the blended traditions of Welsh & Irish Celtic, Gardnerian, Draconian and 1734.

​Our Inner Court (Covens) encompasses Initiates and above, fusing in the traditions of the Tuatha de Danaan and work with Ceremonial Magick.

​Our Practice Encompasses:

*A commitment to alchemy of self (personal transformation)

*Development of our personal connections with the Divine/ Nature.

*Evolving our personal magickal gnosis and praxis.

*Honoring our Holy Sabbats, engaging with our Lunar Tides.

*Co-creating strong spiritual communities, through shared knowledge and support.

*Stewardship of our Earth

​The development of our solitary path has evolved from the commitment to bring advanced practices based upon coven teachings that would have formerly been unavailable to the un-initiated.

We are hosting two Question and Answer Sessions in preparation of a new seekers class in late 2018/early 2019.

This Q&A is a chance to meet the High Priestess in a casual, informal setting and get to know a bit about us. Do spend some time with our website as a preliminary!

You can find us at:



Feel free to message any questions about the session.

We look forward to seeing you there!