What we're about

Are you a single adult? Do you want to make new single friends? Do you like entertainment?

Okay, so everyone likes being entertained, so what does this mean? It means we'll be enjoying some type of organized entertainment, such as:

- Sporting event or watching a game from a sports bar
- Concert or live local band
- Improv or stand-up comedy
- Performance art or art exhibits

If those things interest you and you want to meet other single people with those interests, then this is the group for you!

Upcoming events (4)

B.B. King's Blues Club (I-Drive)

B.B. King's Blues Club

Let's meet at B.B. King's Blues Club on I-Drive. The club has good food, drinks, and great live music. A live band will start playing at 8:30; they will primarily be playing blues, soul, and R&B music (thus the name). WHAT ARE WE DOING? We're mingling, listening to music, dancing (or for those of us who can't dance, bobbing our heads slightly in time with the music). HOW WILL I FIND THE GROUP? We will NOT have reserved seating. We will meet in the mezzanine (upstairs). I will try to grab a table and put a small sign on it for the group. We may even be able to grab a back lounge area like last time, but that's not guaranteed. WHAT'S THE COST? There is a $10 cover. DO THEY HAVE FOOD? Yes, and it's pretty good, too. WILL IT BE TOO LOUD TO TALK? The band will take breaks, where it will be pretty quiet. While the band is playing, if you stay upstairs with most of the group, you will be able to have conversations (though you will have to raise your voice). Downstairs where the dance floor is, don't expect to be able to talk to people. WHAT IF I CAN'T FIND B.B. KING'S? Look up. It's on the second story. If you can't find us, call or text me at[masked]. Don't rely on the Meetup app because it doesn't always work well.


The Mennello Museum of American Art

More info is coming soon. For now, save the date. The Mennello Museum of Art is holding it's annual Indie-Folkfest. It's a festival with lots of live music, art vendors, food, and more. WHAT WILL WE DO? This is an outdoor festival. We'll hang out, enjoy the art and music, get some good, and otherwise enjoy each other's company. WHERE WILL WE MEET? To be determined. WHAT'S THE COST? Admission is free. You would have to pay for any food or drinks you get. WHAT SHOULD I BRING? Bring a folding chair or mat if you're going to want to sit. This is an outdoor event and there won't be seating. WHO IS PLAYING? 1:30 -- Beemo https://soundcloud.com/mynameisbeemo 2:30 -- The 502s https://soundcloud.com/the502s 3:40 -- Eugene Snowden https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFjf_LBmzPk 4:25 -- Beth McKee's Swamp Sistas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAzEEQI1iSk HOW DO I FIND THE GROUP? If you can't find us, text me at[masked]

Sanford Porchfest

Park on Park

More info coming soon, but for now save the date. On February 23 we'll go to the Sanford Porchfest. There will be more than 40 live bands playing in 10 locations across the historic downtown Sanford area. WHAT WILL WE DO? We'll hang out and catch some live music. There are a lot of different bands playing in 10 different locations that are all walking distance from each other, so we may split into a few groups or we might all stick together. That partly depends on musical preferences. WHAT DOES IT COST? Admission is free. WILL THERE BE FOOD? There are restaurants in that area and there might also be food trucks. Will update this when I have more info. WHAT SHOULD I BRING? Bring a chair or blanket if you're going to want to sit. There will likely be no other seating available. Also, you're allowed to bring your own food and drinks if you want to bring a cooler. WHERE WILL THE GROUP MEET? To be determined. I will figure that out once a performance schedule is released. HOW WILL I FIND THE GROUP? If you get here on time, I'll announce the meeting place. I know this is a long event, so for those who want to come later, just text me at[masked] when you arrive. MORE INFO: https://www.sanfordporchfest.org/faq https://www.facebook.com/events/285340865526986/

Central FL Fair

Central Florida Fair.

The fair is back in town so let's go and have some fun. WHAT WILL WE DO? It's a fair. We will go on rides, eat really unhealthy food, see animals, and enjoy some shows. WHAT DOES IT COST? Admission is $12. However, that doesn't cover any rides. If you want to go on rides, you either have to purchase individual tickets or you can buy a bracelet for $30 that gets you unlimited rides. I imagine some of us will go on rides and some won't. WHAT OTHER ENTERTAINMENT IS THERE? On the amphitheater stage there will be live local bands playing from 7:00-10:00. The band schedule hasn't been announced yet. In addition, there are below shows : - Heifer show at 7:00 - World of Wonder at 7:30* - Wolf Show at 8:00 - Ham Bone Express at 8:15* - Regular helicopter rides until 10:00 * No, I have no idea what World of Wonder or Ham Bone Express are. WHERE WILL THE GROUP MEET? To be determined. I will find an easy landmark to spot inside or outside the gate and let you know. If you can't find us, call or text me at[masked]. More info at: https://centralfloridafair.com/2019-central-florida-fair-schedule-2-2/

Past events (27)

Will's Pub (The Pauses Present: 1998)

Will's Pub

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