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The Executive Singles group is for individuals that like to dance for fun and romance. The dances are kept simple so no training is required. There are no formations, no special dance steps, no class work and no competition. Many individuals that have never danced before can attend the dances and feel confident in their ability for dancing within a few minutes. The type of dance is not called out. But the music played by the live bands supports Classic Slow Dance, Free Style, and East Coast Swing.

The organization is a Florida non-profit corporation and it supports four dances per year. It is guided by a set of officers and a board.

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The only dance now planned in 2022 is the Christmas dance.

Orlando Elks Lodge

It will include live music provided by a band to be selected later. The requested dress is also Cocktail attire for women and a Suit & tie for men. Although fancier outfits are also anticipated. The Executive Singles board will meet in Nov and complete planning for the dance. There will be a pizza snack for all. We will have several breaks for the band, although recorded music will continue during the breaks. A cash bar will be available during the entire dance. Several dance mixers will be exercised. Sponsorships will be encouraged. And the entrance fee will be $15.00 for each attendee.

There will not be any dance class. Instead dances will be kept so simple that even attendees with no training can easily pick up the dances and participate. Mostly classic slow dance and east coast swing. The dance itself will be held at the Orlando Elks. 12 N. Prinrose Drive, Orlando, fl. Doors will be open by 5:30 PM and the dancing will start about 6:00 PM. There will also be a few interesting dance affairs to allow folks to meet other dance partners.


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Christmas dance

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