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East Side Tea Party dives into the First Amendment

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It was so important, and so indisputable it was the first Amendment to the Constitution. Why then are citizens, judges and politicians debating what it means or ignoring it entirely?

Free speech zones, restrictions on what your church can and can't say, costly permit requirements for peaceful assembly, spying on and influencing the press ... Is this what James Madison intended when he wrote the First Amendment?

We will have subject matter experts discuss where America has fallen short of our founders designs as it pertains to the first amendment. Also, part 3 of What We Believe - Natural Law vs. Political Law.

Show up before 7 to win a copy of Don't Hurt People (And Don't Take their Stuff - A Libertarian Manifesto) personally signed by author Matt Kibbe.

2nd Monday each month. 570 N Alafaya Trail #104, Orlando, FL 32828. Home Depot, Michaels, Kohls, Sports Authority, and Staples are some of the anchor stores in the Waterford Towers shopping center. Our building is in the back, between Kohls and the Sports Authority. Our office is between the Daycare Center and the Comics Store.

Our monthly Meetings allow us to organize and interact with subject matter experts, politicians, and conduct business. Meetings are open to the public. Speakers are welcome with advanced notification. If you wish to organize a speaker for the East Side Tea Party, please fill out our contact form at www.eastsidetea​ The East Side Tea Party is a Non-Partisan, non-profit organization

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