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Enjoy learning and reading about science, psychology, philosophy, sociology, history, and other Big Topics? Love learning? Good conversation? Relish meeting other ponderers, thinkers, and arm-chair scholars? This is the group for you.

The range of subjects covered will be broad, reflecting the diversity of topics that thoughtful people can engage with. Everything from psychology, philosophy, sociology, history, natural science, rhetoric, the arts, humanities, religion, education, and beyond; in other words, the group is open to whatever the members of the group find intriguing.

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The Cost of Keeping the Peace

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What are the costs and benefits, both home and abroad, which result from American Superpower? US official: Research finds uranium in Navajo women, babies https://apnews.com/334124280ace4b36beb6b8d58c328ae3 According to the Global Footprint Network https://www.overshootday.org/2020-calculation a change away from the present order is necessary simply to avoid resource depletion. Are you convinced that is the case? Let's discuss. Prior events in this strain: Strategic Lunch https://www.meetup.com/Orlando-Thinkers-Discussion/events/272388688 The Big Picture https://www.meetup.com/Orlando-Thinkers-Discussion/events/272231473 75 years of the Bomb https://www.meetup.com/Orlando-Thinkers-Discussion/events/271684937 The Strategy for Making Peace https://www.meetup.com/Orlando-Thinkers-Discussion/events/264768494

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The Big Picture

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