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Ground Rent & Land Trusts
If you don't recognize the name Henry George, then watch this 2 minute 40 second introduction: Prior to the inauguration, together with the Central Florida Philosophy Meetup (, we got together to discuss Henry George (1839—1897) and the Geoists. Nineteenth-century American thinker Henry George, as several before him including Scotland's Adam Smith & England's John Locke, discovered the link between poverty and land monopoly. George’s solution, which he published in 1871 ( & 1879 ( respectively along with other works, brought him international renown, so much so that at the time of his death George was rated the third most famous American in the world after Thomas Edison and Mark Twain ( His solution to reduce poverty? Fund all government activity via a single tax on the unimproved value of land. A form of this proposal implemented in Pittsburg in 1913 resulted in a construction boom and sustained economic strength for the residents of that city in Henry's birth state of Pennsylvania. George gave us a method to fund government without discouraging work, enabling persons opportunity to increase wealth while reducing costs and making land more available. Laying government revenue upon land title in effect opens up real estate markets to more people seeking tracts to live and work by increasing supply because, under our existing low tax structure on the unimproved value of land, tracts which would otherwise be put to use are tied up by speculators who profit when the activities of others increase the location value. To date communities based on George's Single Tax idea, also referred to as Ground Rent (, have been setup with varying success throughout England, China, Australia, and elsewhere. Here in the U.S., where the idea was born, two communities were founded specifically to prove the value of George's idea. These are Arden, Delaware ( and Fairhope, Alabama ( Additionally, Alyeska, the company setup to manage the extraction and transport of oil across Alaska—paying out to every resident of that state an annual dividend, is also a form of Georgism which has been in operation in our nation since the nineteen-seventies. The idea of a citizen's dividend was first introduced by Common Sense author Thomas Paine in his 1796 work Agrarian Justice to take care of the needs of the aged and young just starting out in life ( however, universal basic income is a thought gaining traction internationally—partially as a result of the realization that with automation there will not be enough work to employ people to feed, house, and clothe themselves by. You can find a wealth of information on historic and contemporary Georgists, also known as Geoists, online ( Geoist articles and books have been written by superb living authors such as Mason Gaffney ( and Fred Foldvary ( Here is one of several video recordings from the 2016 Council of Georgist Organizations Annual Conference, titled In Land We Trust ( ), which was held here in central Florida. This year's annual conference will be in Baltimore. Well and good, but what about Land Trusts ( In this meetup I'm going to be talking about a proposal for building a template land trust which could be implimented by intentional communities in order to better provide for the needs of the community than are available today through federal and state solutions.

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