What we're about

This group is for women, by women. It's like a women's club, only DEEPER.

Our group's purpose is to use CREATIVITY to help each other grow and blossom into confident, powerful women who are positive sources of hope and inspiration in their families and communities.

We'll have meetings where we do creative activities that challenge, teach, and inspire us to be better.

Better moms, sisters, daughters.
Better friends.
Better coworkers.
Better managers.
Better humans.

We'll have fun nights where we explore creativity.
Karaoke nights.
--> It's not about sounding perfect, it's about pushing boundaries and supporting one another as we take risks!
Paint nights.
--> Taking it a step BEYOND the typical "paint and sip".
Crafting nights.
--> We'll delve into what inspires us and moves us to become who we want to be.
Pajama Girls Night In
--> Once we have an established group, pajama party girls night in can be a night of fun, creativity and bonding!

We'll dive into adventure.
Dolphins, anyone?
--> Beach days and nights!
--> Kayaking.
--> Bioluminescent kayaking.
It's like a bucket list level of awesome!

We'll unwind...
Floating in lazy rivers.
--> Mermaid swimsuits and fluorescent unicorn floats ARE allowed. beYOUtiful :)

Crocheting and sipping tea.
Active meditation
--> Adult coloring.
--> Mandalas
--> Zentangles

Whatever we can do to think outside of the box to elevate ourselves to being better versions of ourselves, we'll do. And obviously, we are going to have a blast doing it!

I'm Gillian, your host, a certified teacher with 9 years of experience teaching. I'm also an artist living a creative life of exploration and self betterment. My mission is to empower women so they come into a full awareness that THEY ARE ENOUGH.
So, they KNOW that they know that they are strong, phenomenal, worthy and capable of creating a life they love.

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