Guided Breathwork Meditation + Crystal/Energy Healing - Longwood


Every week on Saturday

Price: $20.00 /per person

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Embark on a guided journey of self-healing, relaxation and peace. This class is for those committed to creating change in their lives. It is like nothing you have experienced before - a truly amazing ride which opens doors of deep and permanent healing.

These breath sessions open you to the power within and allow infinite wisdom to flow through your body, mind and soul. So often we seek guidance from outside our self...The answers you desire are not beyond, but within.

~~~ We meet at the beautiful Serenity Now Yoga. NOTE CODE NEEDED TO ENTER BLDG. 3 story brown building near Palm Springs Dr. on 434. Easy access from I-4 or 17-92. Keypad is on the right of the front door or easily visible from back door. 2122* to enter. Take elevator to 2nd floor, go right. Suite 212. It's lovely and we have lots of blankets, mats and eye pillows! ~~~

Breathwork is a safe and powerful healing technique that is initiated by the power of the breath, combined with music and mantras. By breathing in a circular rhythm, you can reach altered states of consciousness to release emotional traumas, pain and negative emotion that has stored in the body and the subconscious, making room for more love and joy to enter your life.

To breathe is to live. We can survive for weeks without food, for days without water, but only minutes without breath. Breathing is a master key to self-healing.

“There is no single more powerful practice to further your health and well-being than Conscious Breathwork.”
- Dr. Andrew Weil

Breathing is the link between your conscious and unconscious mind. Breath forms the connection between mind and body.
Our breath is the key to the here now, and when we are aware of it, we can be in the present moment. This is the basis of awareness, mindfulness and meditation.

Conscious breath-work can center the mind and positively help you deal with the challenges that life throws your way.

Whether it’s shame, guilt, fear, sadness, feelings of unworthiness, insecurity, procrastination...whatever it is that limits can begin to release it during our session.

Learning how to enhance your breathing can also help with various health challenges such as:
anxiety, asthma, depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, poor digestion, high blood pressure, panic attacks, muscle tension, and attention deficit disorder. Proper breathing can aid in the removal of energetic blockages, thereby enhancing the healing of long-term health conditions.

Additional benefits of Breathwork include releasing of toxins at a cellular level, balancing the nervous system and release of cellular memory of past emotional trauma and negative mental patterns.

You can retrain your body to breathe deeper, increasing the oxygen to your cells, your organs and your brain with continued practice!

Lower abdominal breathing is the natural forgotten state of breathing from childhood. It energizes us, increases the rate of prana, Qi or life force energy moving through us. You can experience higher energy levels, more relaxation and patience, faster healing, a stronger body, and a sharper mind.

What are some the benefits/possible experiences during a session?

• Your physical body will be oxygenated, balanced, revitalized

• Your mental body will be healed by the surrender and release of thoughts, beliefs and judgments that have limited life and caused disturbance

• Your emotional body at a sub-conscious and conscious level will release layers and layers of emotional pain and clarity, balance, control and purpose are restored

• Opened awareness to deeper states of consciousness and intuition

• Connect with spiritual wisdom, guides and angels

• Reaching deeper states of bliss and peace

• Connection and healing with loved ones that have passed

• Reveal profound feelings of love and gratitude

• Remove stress, muscle tension and toxins from your body

Consider this meditation practice a door that accesses your higher self, that strengthens that connection to the real YOU. The experience will deepen and expand with continued use. Come join us today! No experience necessary.


What to expect/bring: The meditation itself is ~ 55 min. long. You will be lying down, so feel free to bring a yoga mat, pillow or blanket to make yourself more comfortable. The space has hardwood floors and there are enough mats, blankets and pillows for about 10 people.

Bring water with you and eat light the day of meditation.

During the meditation, if you would like, I will perform Pranic Crystal Healing (including Pranic Psychotherapy and/or Cellular Healing) to further assist in the removal of any negative blockages. Many have asked how I use the crystals.... I use crystal extractors on the floor near you. I have a crystal wand that I hold/use while healing. I also have flat crystals that I can place on your body. If crystals don't resonate with you, that's ok, your comfort is my utmost concern. The crystals and energy healing I offer are not necessary to experience the benefits of breathwork, but they do enhance the session.

Each session is unique, your experience is based on your level of trust and ability to let go. That's one reason why it's important to do this meditation in a safe/energetically clean environment with a person who can help you through the process. We'll conclude by comparing experiences with those who would like to share. Be sure to drink lots of water following the meditation.

The cost: $20 which includes crystal healing and personal energy healing from me. I will honor a sliding scale for those who have tight finances, or do not wish to have any extra healing, then $10 is acceptable. PLEASE BRING CASH.

My crystals were consecrated and blessed by 1 of only 8 Master Pranic Healers in the world and people who are energy sensitive can feel how powerful they are! I clean my crystals after each session and charge them under each full moon.

Namaste! And I hope you to see you soon.

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• 70-80% of diseases are emotional in nature.

• Intense negative thoughts affect our emotions.

• Intense negative emotions affect our physical body.

• Negative thoughts carry to our cells and these cells retain memories (see Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. on the biology of cells).

• Most people access less than 30% of their full breathing capacity, leaving their cells starved for oxygen. Improper or shallow breathing can cause or worsen illness. (Many doctors now believe lack of oxygen in the cells is the root cause of cancer)

NOTE: THIS IS NOT REBIRTHING OR HOLOTROPIC BREATHWORK. It could be categorized as Quantum, Conscious or Integrative Breathwork. It is a gentle, safe, yet very powerful form of transformation led by guided audio with music and words. I add advanced Pranic Healing & crystal healing techniques for a totally unique experience!