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Guided Breathwork Meditation + Crystal Healing (Optional)

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Breathwork is a safe and powerful self-healing technique that is initiated by the power of the breath, combined with music and relaxation. By breathing in a circular rhythm, you can reach altered states of consciousness to access and release emotions or fears that hold you back from experiencing and achieving all that you truly desire.

What are some the benefits/possible experiences during a session?

Open your awareness to deeper states of consciousness Increase mental clarity and intuition Reaching deeper states of bliss and peace Release unconscious, unresolved emotions Oxygenate, balance & harmonize your physical body Connect with spiritual wisdom, guides and angels Initiate physical, emotional, and spiritual healing Releasing and removing blocks of fear and trauma that keep you from moving forward Connection and healing with loved ones that have passed Reveal profound feelings of love and gratitude Remove stress and tension Consider this meditation practice a door that accesses your higher self, that strengthens that connection to the real YOU. The experience will deepen and expand with continued use. Come join us today!

What to expect/bring: The meditation itself is ~ 55 min. long. You will be lying down, so feel free to bring a yoga mat, pillow or blanket to make yourself more comfortable. Our new space has hardwood floors but there are several thick blankets and pillows available, on a first come basis.

Bring water with you and eat light the day of meditation. During the meditation, if you would like, I will walk around and perform Pranic Crystal Healing to further assist in the removal of any negative blockages. If I sense that you are having difficulty, I will come over and help you. Everyone has a different experience based on your level of trust and ability to let go. That's one reason why it's important to do this meditation in a safe/energetically clean environment with a person who can help you through the process. We'll conclude by comparing experiences with those who would like to share. We should finish around 5:30pm so you have time to go have dinner and enjoy your evening. Be sure to drink lots of water following the meditation.

The cost: $10 for the Breathwork meditation. If you would like to experience crystal healing while you are doing the meditation, then it's $20. :-) I will do the first one FREE, just let me know when you arrive!
My crystals were recently consecrated and blessed by 1 of only 9 Master Pranic Healers in the world and people who are energy sensitive can feel how powerful they are! Results have been phenomenal lately!

Namaste! And I hope you to see you soon.

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NOTE: THIS IS NOT REBIRTHING OR HOLOTROPIC BREATHWORK. It could be categorized as Quantum or Conscious Breathwork. It is a gentle, safe, yet very powerful form of transformation led by guided audio with music and words.