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What we’re about

This is the OrlandoJUG! We have a meeting coming up on the 4th Thursday from 6-8PM. We socialize from 6-7 and the presentation begins at 7. There will be pizza! More info is in the Events section at Codetown.


***Note*** This Meetup page is just a placeholder for our group, whose web presence is at or for short. So, if you're interested in meeting the folks in our JUG and exchanging tech tips, please surf over to Codetown and sign up there. You can see who else is in the OrlandoJUG and friend them. You can also post questions and join other groups. It's global, and it's pretty cool! <br>

We're into Java and open source, big data, databases and other languages that run on the JVM. What else? How about IoT? Graph databases? Recommendation engines... You'll be surprised the variety of subjects we discuss here at OJUG. We meet every month on the 4th Thursday, usually at Starter Studio AKA Canvs or some similar place since DeVry isn’t available anymore. We have pizza and network from 6-7 and have a presentation from 7-8, Q+A from 8-8:30. The objective is to meet other people who program in Java and Open Source (hey, Microsoft's into Open Source these days), network to find jobs and staff, and to keep up with the rapid changes in technology.