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Moon Cycles and Personal Manifestation (Part One)

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A powerful manifestation workshop

In this two-part workshop you will use the moon cycles and your own intuition to bring new AWARENESS into your life, be it a new friend, a new house, a new career, or anything else your heart might desire.

In the first new moon meetings, you will set your intentions. In the second new moon meetings you will review and learn from your ccomplishments for that moon cycle.

As a group, we will be able to manifest great things by consciously and collectively directing our attention. Mindfulness and moonfulness will make magic happen!

Manifestation simply put means the ability of turning thought into reality. Things manifest when you put your thoughts and your attention on them. In this workshop you will make sure that you
are focusing on things you definitely want and that your beliefs and
receptiveness are supporting your manifestations.

Manifestation and the Moon

You can add a little more sparkle to your manifestations by harnessing the power of the moon. The moon has long been known to bring change, courage, and magic. Each new moon has the potential for new beginnings, and each full moon has the potential for those new beginnings to become complete. The moon energy is free for the taking every month; you just have to put your name on it!

Manifestation and intuition
Intuition is the act of sensing or knowing things on a deeper level than your logical mind. By tapping into your intuitive sense, you
not only can know what you truly want but also what to do and where to turn to receive what you want. In this workshop you will learn simple tricks for increasing your intuition.

Join us for this exciting event as Pam teach's us how to increase our personal power. This is two hours of power packed information that will release your power. She will teach you how to unleash your full potential and set you on the path of Manifestation!

You will awaken to a deeper state of consciousness that will empower you to change your world.

Part one is held before the full moon (Next full moon is on March 27th) and Part two is held after the full moon.
Come with an open mind ready to reveive! Namaste...

Pam is the CEO of Mia Ashlee LLC and a Certified Chios Master Teacher. Pam is also a Shamanic Healer and a third generation Psychic/Healer. As well as an Intuitive Counselor.
Pam studied at Argosy University of Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is a
Metaphysical Practitioner. Pamela is also a Certified Numerologist she has combined her background as a Intuitive Counselor with her passion for Numerology and Astrology.

Pam has spent over twenty years in the Ministry before her "Awakening" and is the Co- Founder of Power of Love Ministries. She is an Ordained Minister, Evangelist and Motivational Speaker and Co-Host of Intuitive Talks with Oracle of The Age.

Pam mission in life is to use the many gifts and talents that the universe has blessed her with to help others in their spiritual journey. She is able to give you a holistic reading that will place you on the path of inner peace, happiness and a greater understanding of life and your destiny. Her workshops informative and inspiring. She offers many services designed to enhance your every spiritual need. She can also provide you with detailed astrology charts, numerology charts, and spiritual readings.

She also teaches many different metaphysical and spiritual classes and workshops including color energy and chakra cleansing, Understanding Numerology and Tapping into your Personal Power, Crystals & Stones, Archangels and Guides. Check us out further at

Come and expand your knowledge and get ready to create! Namaste

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