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Accelerate Your Intuition and Increase Your Psychic Gifts

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Come learn how to develop and release your Psychic Abilities and Intuitve Gifts. This class is a very interactive class and fun...Watch you grow your gifts!

Pam Grady, CCMT will share her knowledge and clairvoyant gifts to help you increase your own spiritual gifts and talents.

We will discuss how to increase your abilities. We all have psychic abilities, but most people never develop or use them because they feel those gifts are for the very gifted.
You ARE gifted!

We will explore clairvoyance, intuition,visualization, meditation, crystals, the pendulum "The energy within our own body is connected with the natural force of the earth, God consciousness and our own psychic wisdom.

We can access higher knowing through the use of a pendulum (object made of wood, crystal or stone). You will learn how to use these methods to tap into your inner wisdom to receive answers to guide you in your life the higher mind just to name a few.... this class will have mental exercises that will help you develop or increase your intuitive muscle.

The psychic senses are our subtle senses that we perceive with beyond the physical body senses that we are familiar with such as seeing with our eyes, hearing with our ears, feeling with our hands. These subtle senses are also known as High Sense Perceptions: -Intuition -Psychic Abilities. They are part of our soul body, higher-consciousness, but on a subtler energy level.

We are given our psychic senses to guide us in life, of what to get and what to avoid, to make a stronger connection to our soul self, and a deeper connection to God/Source.

We will also cover how our psychic abilities are part of our spiritual path and that in developing our abilities we are also first and foremost focused on our spiritual awakening, this allows us to use our abilities in a positive way for all. This topic must be taken before learning how to open our abilities

Bring pen and paper for taking notes. There will be handouts provided.

If you have a pendulum please bring it. This class is interactive. Come have fun and Grow!

If you are looking to increase or gain the knowledge for yourself or helping others this is your opportunity! There is a $18.00 charge at the door.

Pam is the CEO of Mia Ashlee LLC and a Certified Chios Master Teacher. Pam is also a Shamanic Healer and a third generaltion Psychic/Medium. As well as an Intuitive Counselor.
Pam studied at Argosy University of Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is a
Metaphysical Practitioner. Pamela is also a Certified Numerologist she has combined her background as a Intuitive Counselor with her passion for Numerology and Astrology.

Pam has spent over twenty years in the Ministry before her "Awakening" and is the Co- Founder of Power of Love Ministries. She is an Ordained Minister, Evangelist and Motivational Speaker and Co-Host of Intuitive Talks with Oracle of The Age.

Pam mission in life is to use the many gifts and talents that the universe has blessed her with to help others in their spiritual journey. She is able to give you a holistic reading that will place you on the path of inner peace, happiness and a greater understanding of life and your destiny. Her workshops informative and inspiring.

She offers many services designed to enhance your every spiritual need. She can also provide you with detailed astrology charts, numerology charts, and spiritual readings.

She also teaches many different metaphysical and spiritual classes and workshops including color energy and chakra cleansing, Understanding Numerology and Tapping into your Personal Power, Crystals & Stones, Archangels and Guides. Check us out further at

Come and expand your knowledge and get ready to create! Namaste


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