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Practical Magik

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This class is all about small, everyday ways of staying in your power! Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed by trying to follow your “spiritual path”? Have you ever been confused about the metaphysical resources available to you?

Are you experiencing symptoms of awakening / ascension but don’t know what your next step is?

Do you not have time to meditate 2 hours every day but want to know what else you can be doing to keep raising your vibrations? Well, then this class is for you!

Join 3rd generation Shamanic and Chios energy healer Pamela Grady and lifelong intuitive for a Meet-Up dedicated to introducing practical, everyday ways of embracing your spiritual gifts! This class will cover simple yet effective solutions for staying centered in a crazy, busy world!

Topics will include, but are not limited to:
- Saging & the importance of space clearing
- Crystal energy: using crystals to increase your frequency & vibration
- Affirmation & manifestation techniques for achieving your best life yet!
- Importance of gratitude
- Pivoting Techniques
- Sample rituals and how to develop a ritual program that best suits your lifestyle
- Daily cleansing practices
- Speedbumps: Coping with the stresses of daily life or detours from your “path”

Each attendee will receive the following for attending the class:
- Sample package of sage for clearing your sacred space
- Printed sample affirmations
- Candle for “candle magick”

No materials are needed for the class, just bring yourself and prepare to embrace the beauty of staying in your power no matter WHAT comes your way!!! Be blessed friends!

About Us:

The Adoni Institute for Metaphysical Advancement is the
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We are Stand alone like no other institution of our
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Our platform is Humanitarian in its purpose, always striving to make a better world. We are idealistic
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Our Mission is to increase the evolution of society by
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