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C.O.R.E. Advanced Psychic Focus - Group A

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This psychic development focus group is for those that are looking for a avenue to practice their skills. All new attendees will have a one on one session with the leader of this group to access skill level.

This is a closed group. RSVP is only for members of the group.

The evaluation for group participation is $50.00. To schedule an evaluation and get on the waiting list for this group please call (407) 446-2194.

These groups are going to be closed after 8 have joined. We are keeping the numbers small so that each person has a chance to grow and expand.

This is a focus group for developed or developing Mediums that are looking for a development circle that will allow them a chance to practice and learn new skills. We will meet once a week and we will have group sessions and also pair off into teams.

Each week we will focus on topics that pertain to our Skills. Members of these groups experience great shifts in consciousness and substantial increase in energy channeling and healing abilities.

Come and fine tune your skills while connecting with like minded adults. We are a non judgment zone. This is the place to practice your skills without fear. Practice makes perfect and greatness knows no bounds!

The sky is the limit for your talent. The universe is changing and we all need to help others connect as well. developing your mediumship gifts can very well be your best gift to those you love.

Lets get busy becoming the best that we can be, by learning, teaching and helping each other. Unity and unconditional love are the foundations of every group. Together we can and will transform our lives!

Come and be blessed!



The Adoni Institute for Metaphysical Advancement is the place for those that are true seekers of the truth. We explore many types of Investigations into the unknown. Always learning and evolving as we uncover some of the answers to the mysteries of life. We provide and teach theoretical insight using proven research that has provided intellectual wisdom and practical solutions to problems.

We are Stand alone like no other institution of our kind. We offer Fun activities, performances, Workshops & Extended Courses that are targeted to the metaphysical audience. We have many sacred inner social groups. Encouraging and providing a unique view of the world. Our students experience enormous growth, personal successes and huge spiritual transformations that unlock their potential.

Our platform is Humanitarian in its purpose, always striving to make a better world. We are idealistic & compassionate, driven by Spirit to create a more humane society. We welcome all people from all walks of life, all colors, all religions, & all backgrounds. We have a huge diversity of people, including those with artistic talents supporting visual and performing arts.

Our Mission is to increase the evolution of society by promoting unity and personal development. Our belief in the goodness of humanity is unshakable as we all walk towards the advancing of the human race.

Welcome to The Adoni Institute!

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