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IT’S NATIONAL TRAIN DAY - on May 8th!!!!!

So let's get ready and meet to share our national train heritage and enjoy Locomotive Saturdays at our own local train museum. Explore regional transportation history, and see freight trains passing by and for kicks ring the locomotive bell at the Southern Arizona Transportation Museum. This every Saturday event is free, but limited in its presentation hours, which run from 10AM to 1PM. So the group will meet there at 11:30AM, but if you are a true aficionado, I suggest you get there earlier to see all that you would like. At 1PM we will move over to THE CUP which is located in the Hotel Congress for a late lunch. This is one of the true treasures of Tucson. I have always enjoyed lollygagging on their patio sipping or dipping something through an afternoon. It has been a wonderful way to get through the heat of summer which is not yet upon us. In that THE CUP always has a line, I will be making reservations for any group larger than four. Any number lower than that, we will wait the typical in-line wait as an interested party hoping to be served. Also, we will need to “live” to whatever reservation number we make because it is a smaller facility that generally does not take reservations. So on this event, our word is definitely our word and I will shut off reservations twenty-four hours prior to the event. If you cannot attend, please cancel at that time.

Parking on a Saturday morning should be available along Toole or the small parking lot at Hotel Congress or at the Train Depot where we met for another event at Maynard’s. The Pennington Street garage is just a couple of blocks away.

I will be wearing a small Mickey Mouse sculpture attached to my red sunglasses so that you may identify me. I will get to the museum at 11:20AM and be waiting just outside the main entry door for everyone to assemble until 11AM. We will enter the museum at 11AM. If you are running late, it is a small museum, and hopefully you will find us. If you don’t, just enjoy the museum and be at THE CUP at 11AM. THE TWO VENUES ARE ONE BLOCK APART FROM EACH OTHER. Museum at: 414 North Toole Avenue

The Cup at: 311 East Congress within the Hotel Congress