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Greetings, adventurers! (日本語以下参照)

Currently, there are no games going on. I´m thinking of starting a group online, on Roll20.
If someone is considering to run a game as DM, please send me a message and I´ll make an announcement on this meetup-page.

If you want to join as a player, leave a comment and tell us your experiences and expectations.

DMing is challenging, but it can be such a rewarding and fun experience, equal to, or even more than playing a character! So, all members, please take a moment to contemplate whether you can DM yourselves! Even if you have never done it before and if you´re not confident... Nobody is in the beginning! There is always a first time!

Everybody who wants to make an active contribution to this group is highly appreciated! If you have opinions, suggestions, or critic that you want to share, please leave a comment. Or if you have a question concerning the rules, or just want to talk D&D stuff, please leave a message in the "Discussions" section!

Finally, when you join as a new member, it would be great if you could leave a short message and say hello!

Thank you, I´m looking forward to your participation!









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The Faerûn Files - Session I

Lingua World Cafe


Well met, Adventurers! Welcome to the Land of Faerûn! Well, at least you tried to make it to the Sword coast. If only your ship hadn´t lost its course, somewhere deep in unknown waters.... This is a new monthly one-shot campaign with alternating DMs. I will DM the first session, then we decide who will be in charge of the next session. The players keep their characters, only the DM changes every time. We´ll start at Level 3. All official material is allowed (no UA), but no flying races. When you hit the "Attend" button, please leave a comment, say hello and tell us your experiences with D&D. Thank you!

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Session 20 "Fairy tales and hairy tales"

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