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Yes, we are about to kick off a new group for D&D 5th Edition, Forgotten Realms campaign!
We are looking for experienced players or potential DMs, who are familiar with the game mechanics and know at least the basics of the D&D-world and its inhabitants. Also, people who like to roleplay their characters are highly appreciated. The language will be English. You don’t have to be a native speaker (neither am I), but fluent enough to understand what´s going on.

For now we are two members and we are looking for min 2 to max 4 more players. Preferably people who can commit to the game and take part on a regular basis (weekly or fortnightly).
Experienced DMs are always welcome! However, this time, I want to DM myself, although I never did it before. However, I´m confident to create exciting adventures and make sure that everybody at the table has fun!
The first session will be on Monday, May 20th from 7 pm at the Hearth in Namba. I want to start at level 1 and create the characters together at the table.

If you want to join, please leave a message and tell me what you want to play.

Thank you, I´m looking forward to your participation!

PS: We are already four players, the recruitment is paused for now. In case, members quit, I will restart recruiting again.


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Session IV

The Hearth Board Game Bar and Cafe ザ・ハース ボードゲームカフェ&バー

On the infernal Altar deep in the woods, you found a pact that was forged by the islanders and some evil entity to grand them power to defend themselves from the slavery of the pirates. But with whom did they forge the pact? And eventually, who is responsible for the assaults on the shore? How is the Cult of the Dragon connected to this? Can you solve the riddle you found in the altar room? And, who is going to take May´s place? All answers -and more carnage- next Monday...

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Session III

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