What we're about

The main purposes if this group are:
- Meeting others with similar hobbies
- gain experience
- exchange ideas
- have fun

The plan is to, maybe, come up with a short film or just do some scenes for fun.

For cosplayers, you can just have fun cosplaying and have your pictures taken.

People who want to act, or practice in front of the camera, are also more than welcome.

Upcoming events (1)

Lunch To Get Know Each-Other & Sharing Ideas

Garb Dressing

(日本語は下にあります) A lunch so we can all get to know each-other and share our ideas. Please bring any storyboard, script or anything you'd like to share. A good thing would be to show samples of recent work for example. The place where the lunch will be held is: Garb Dressing https://goo.gl/maps/XWf5Rf1PtvF7FZ5e7 https://www.garb-dressing.com/menu/lunch.php This may sound silly, but just to be sure, everyone has to pay for their own meal. -- はじめまして&アイデアシェアのランチ会をしたいと思います。 自己紹介と「このようなものを撮影したい!」というアイデアがあれば是非お聞かせください。 ストーリーボードなどもっと具体的なものも大歓迎です。 アイデアがなくても一緒に何かをやってみたいから参加するのもOKです。 場所:京橋 Garb Dressing ( https://goo.gl/maps/XWf5Rf1PtvF7FZ5e7 ) ( ランチメニュー https://www.garb-dressing.com/menu/lunch.php ) ** ランチ代は各自負担です

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